Many advantages and the latest technologies

Electric cars are more economical than cars powered by fossil fuels, making them an attractive alternative to diesel or gasoline vehicles. With an electric car your drives are not only less expensive, but also environmentally friendly: electric cars emit no CO2.

Ecological and modern in one go

Nowadays, many manufacturers offer electric alternatives to their conventionally fueled cars. When developing, they not only focus on the most advanced technologies, but also on comfort, design and performance. In terms of performance, electric cars are in no way inferior to cars with combustion engines.

Various electric cars

Not all electric cars are the same. Technologies differ and so does driving the vehicle. Depending on the range, the various technologies are suitable for short, medium or long-haul routes

TechnologiesFunctionalitiesAutonomyUsed forCar models
Electric vehiclesBattery and electric engine+/- 150 kmFor short distancesBMWi3, Renault ZOE, eGolf, Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, …
Electric vehicles with range extenderBattery, electric engine and fuel generator+/- 150 km in electric mode +/- 250 km in fuel generator modeFor short and medium distancesOpel Ampera, BMWi3 Rex, …
“Plug-in” hybrid vehiclesBattery, electric engine and combustion engine+/- 50 km in electric mode +/- 900 km in combustion modeFor short distances in electric mode, without limitation in combustion modeVolvo V60, Audi A3 e-tron, Golf GTE, …

Charge and go

You have found the electric car that suits the needs of your business and are now looking for the perfect solution to charge it? Whether on the road or at home, you can refuel almost everywhere.

Fast, convenient, safe and easy, your main charging station should be at your office, doctor’s office, place of production or sales room. Follow this link to find further information on the topic:  Charge at home

Charge your electric car whenever and wherever you want. With enodrive you can charge at 800 charging stations in Luxembourg. Follow this link for further information:  enodrive.



We give you the energy. You write the future.

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Elektromobilität bekommt ein Zuhause: Das ACL-Mobility Loft

Der Übergang zu einer nachhaltigen Mobilität ist eines der wichtigsten Themen der Energiewende. Das Mobilitätsangebot passt sich zunehmend dem veränderten Konsumentenverhalten an: die Elektromobilität ist hier und jetzt!


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