Luxembourg Energy Office (Leo)

FIX naturstroum

With FIX naturstroum, you will always benefit from green electricity at the most attractive price."

The best electricity price guaranteed over time

Through its FIX naturstroum offer, Leo offers you its most attractive electricity tariff by protecting you from any increase in prices for 12 or 36 months.

The electricity price in force during the month in which you sign up for this offer is guaranteed for the chosen subscription period. It's simple and without any surprises.

The most attractive fixed electricity price

Energy prices are constantly changing based on supply and demand. Leo has a balanced, long-term electricity purchase policy in order to ensure the greatest price stability for its customers.

In this context, to provide greater security for its customers, Leo has created FIX naturstroum - a fixed electricity tariff for one or three years.

With this option, you will benefit from the most attractive electricity tariff at the time you sign your contract and will not be exposed to any future price increases.

A fixed electricity tariff taking your loyalty into account

FIX naturstroum is much more than a fixed electricity tariff. We want to reward you for your loyalty. When setting the fixed electricity tariff, we are also taking into consideration the confidence you place in us. A three-year commitment will give you access to additional benefits.

Like all of our other customers, this offer will provide you with high-quality green electricity  from renewable energy sources.

Renewal of the offer for 12 or 36 months

At the end of your initial subscription period, you will be offered an electricity price closest to the market rate. You will be able to renew your subscription for a period of twelve or thirty-six months to take advantage of a new fixed electricity tariff or subscribe any other Leo offer.

Control your electricity consumption with Leo

FIX naturstroum enables you to control your energy costs more efficiently. During the contract period, you have the assurance that the fixed electricity price will not change. Your budget is totally under control.

Also benefit from the extensive range of services developed by Leo to enable you to control your energy consumption, improve your home's energy efficiency and save money.