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The advantages of natural gas

Have you ever thought about the many advantages of natural gas?

Natural gas is an extremely practical form of energy: natural gas does not require storage, since it comes to you directly through a network. This means the energy is constantly available - you do not need to keep an eye on the level of a container, or bother to place orders in accordance with your stock levels.

Avantages gaz 2

Plentiful: natural gas is found in subsoils and on sea beds. New deposits are discovered every year, thus guaranteeing long-term supplies.

Comfortable: natural gas provides comfortable, healthy heat, hot water at a constant temperature, cooking temperatures that may be accurately controlled, and many other applications.

Safe: natural gas is not toxic, and does not contain carbon monoxide (CO). Combustion of the gas gives off only carbon dioxide and steam, both of which are harmless to human beings.

Clean: natural gas combustion is a clean process. That is why a natural gas heating facility requires a very small amount of maintenance.

Competitive: the price of natural gas is extremely competitive in comparison to the price of diesel.

Ecological: in comparison to other fossil-based energies, the combustion of natural gas produces fewer CO2 emissions, and no soot whatsoever. The utilisation of natural gas prevents the pollution caused by road haulage of other fuels, since it is distributed through an underground piping network.

Natural gas heating systems

A natural gas heating facility is a solution which meets our needs and guarantees the comforts of a modern home. It is a compact unit that can be fitted anywhere in the house.

Whether you opt for horizontal or vertical radiators, convectors or a heated floor, you will enjoy the benefits of pleasant warmth 24 hours a day.

Chauffage au gaz naturel

Combining the useful with the agreeable: with a gas range or burning stacks, no more stocking up on fuel or cleaning soot! You can use them as genuine items of décor, generating comfort and atmosphere. Modern condensing boilers enable you to reap maximum advantage from the energy in natural gas.

Natural gas in the kitchen

Live in the 21st century and do your cooking with natural gas! The range of gas cooking hobs, either direct-flame or vitro-ceramics, ovens and special features such as rapid or semi-rapid burners, simmering devices, woks or fish kettles, is so vast it enables individual cooking which takes account of all possible requisites.

Gaz naturel dans la cuisine

The greatest advantage of cooking with natural gas over a direct flame is obviously the exceptional control of the heat applied: it is immediately available (no pre-heating period) and reacts instantaneously to control changes (no cooling period).

Other applications

The gas point is fitted by a specialist, an innovative feature for flexible use of gas appliances such as your cooker. You can use the gas point for your tumble dryer for high-performance clothes drying, to make a gas barbecue operational without any bothersome preparations, or to make your terrace nice and warm on a chilly evening.

Gaz - Autres applications

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