Luxembourg Energy Office (Leo)

FIX naturgas

Leo offers you the best gas tariff through a unique fixed price offer.

The best gas price guaranteed over time

With FIX naturgas, Leo protects you from any fluctuation in gas prices for twelve or thirty-six months.

The gas price you sign up for is guaranteed for the chosen subscription period. It's simple and without any surprises.

Benefit from an attractive price for one or three years

The price of gas is subject to significant changes throughout the year depending in particular on market supply and demand. In order to provide greater security for its customers, Leo has extended its fixed tariff offer of, enabling you now sign up for more than 12 months by opting for a 36-month fixed tariff contract.

Choose a fixed gas tariff to avoid market volatility

Leo is constantly seeking ways to offer you the most attractive gas price, depending on market developments. Every month, we increase or decrease our gas prices to give you the best offer at the right time.

With FIX naturgas, we can offer you a fixed gas price, and protect you from regular market fluctuations.

At any time, you have the option to set your gas tariff for a period of twelve or thirty-six months.

Renewal of the fixed gas tariff offer for 12 or 36 months

At the end of your initial subscription period, you will be offered a gas tariff closest to the market rate. You will be able to renew your subscription for a period of twelve or thirty-six months with a new fixed gas tariff or to choose any other Leo offer you may prefer.

Protection from higher market prices gives you more control over your energy budget.

A more environmentally-friendly gas for a guaranteed price

The energy supplied to our customers meets strict quality criteria. And natural gas also meets sustainable development goals that are extremely important for our group. Biomethane, a renewable energy, comprises at least 1% of the mix offered with all of our products.

All of our customers therefore have access to high-quality energy at no extra cost. Use our attractively-priced gas and contribute to the development of renewable energies in Luxembourg and Europe.

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