Reachable! Anytime, anywhere!

No problem! Unless your phone’s battery is running low. Unfortunately, this usually happens exactly whenever you need to be reachable or need your cell phone for other things. Or it is the time you wait for an important call or an urgent email. And imagine having to do your shopping without that precious list stored on your mobile phone. And besides, you should at all times reachable for the babysitter, should you not?

What is enocharger phone?

enocharger phone is a smartphone charging station, available for free in many of Luxembourg’s shops, public spaces and companies. The smart charging station works like a locker. An enocharger phone station has eight boxes that can be locked by key and with a coin. There are several types of charging cables in the compartments to charge all kinds of smartphones. Do your errands, go for a coffee, sweat in the gym or just take a moment to breathe while your phone is charging.