We support your project of an efficient home

We are happy to help you become more efficient. We even go one step further and support you financially in your energy efficiency projects. Whether you build or renovate, your energy-efficient home is dear to us. We grant you premiums for a large variety of projects.

You plan a project?

fonds nova naturstroum

New construction



fonds nova naturstroum

Premiums for your renewable energy projects

The projects we most often hand out premiums for:

Get inspired by the following examples of eligible projects.

Premium "Heating"

  • Central wood heating
  • Heat pump (electric or gas operated)

Premium "Mobility"

  • Charging infrastructure (charging station or wall box) for electric vehicles
  • Electric scooter or electric motorcycle

You can apply for a premium at any time. Projects with a particularly innovative, inspiring or didactically valuable character are given priority. Your fonds nova naturstroum premium can even be combined with government or municipal premiums.

Our fonds nova naturstroum premiums

Support premiums

for your ecological commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency and eco-technology.

Targeted premiums

for your sustainable real estate projects and your ecological commitment in and around your home such as the installation of an ecological heating system, the construction of solar systems (in combination with an ecological heating system) or the use of an electric vehicle.

Special premiums

for projects of exceptional ecological character.

The a.s.b.l. fonds nova naturstroum consists of three members:


Premiums for your energy efficient renovation

The projects we most often hand out premiums for to our private customers:

Get inspired by the following examples of eligible projects.

  • Replacement of a boiler with an oil/gas condensation boiler
  • Thermal insulation of the roof

You want to reduce your energy consumption and renovate your home energy-efficiently? enoprimes rewards you for your energetic refurbishment and you save money.

Advantages of enoprimes

Minimal effort

when applying for your premium – our partners take over the application for you and you can relax. Please ensure that the premium request is made BEFORE work begins.

Fast payout

of your premium within four weeks of approval of your application as a result of the completion of your project.


of your enoprimes premium with state or local premiums.

Our mission

  • Motivator in terms of energy efficiency to help you save energy.

  • Identification of your double saving potential by reducing your energy costs and premium payment upon completion of your project.

  • Mediation of your partner for the implementation of your energetic renovation.

With enoprimes, Enovos implements the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which was transcribed into national law in 2015.

enoprimes encourages energy saving. And you will save twice: once on your energy costs and once by a financial support for your energy-efficient renovation.